How to care for your flag

Creases, Wrinkles, and Folds

Upon receiving your flag and removing it from the protective pouch, there will be creases in the fabric from being folded.  These creases will smooth out on their own over time but can also be removed quickly.  The fastest method will be to carefully iron the fabric parts of the flag on a medium heat setting taking care to avoid overheating any area.  Like most fabrics, the flag can burn if the iron is too hot.


If your flag ever needs cleaning, a mild detergent can be used to spot clean small areas or throw the entire flag by itself into the washing machine, again with mild detergent, and cold water on the delicate cycle.  Tumble dry on low to remove dampness and wrinkles, but only until dry.  Around 10 minutes.


Keep in mind that regardless of how well it is constructed, a flag is made of cloth and sooner or later will succumb to the elements. Here are some tips:

Good care can contribute greatly to a longer life. Inspect your flag regularly for signs of wear. In particular, look for “normal wear” fabric or thread breaks that may occur at the fly end. This is the end that is furthest from the staff. Trimming off and re-hemming torn or frayed ends will help extend the life of your flag.

Do not fly your flag where wind will whip it against rough surfaces, guy wires, cables, etc. The smallest tear can soon result in a tattered flag. Keep flagpole surfaces free of heavy dirt, rust, scale, and corrosion. They can damage your flag.

With all that being said, I am always looking for ways to improve my products. If there is ever an issue, please reach out to me so I can not only resolve your issue but make improvements overall.

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